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How To Get The Best Deals When Shopping Online

Shopping online is a sufficiently cool experience, if you take a long time about it and make a concerted effort to view as many products and alternatives possible. For the statistics nerds among us there are infinite spreadsheet possibilities to be had – but for average buyers looking to save on products, here are a few pointers to help you get the best deals when shopping online.

You’ll Find Anything on eBay

Probably the biggest marketplace online is eBay – here you’ll be able to either bid on or buy what you’re looking for. But sometimes eBay itself is a useful ‘catalogue’ of products you might want to browse. For example, if you search ‘Chromebook’ you might see a lot of older and newer models of laptop. This is helpful if you’re trying to compare or buy second hand.

The drawback of eBay is the cheapest deals are often under auction so it’s not guaranteed you’ll get what you want – another thing about eBay is you might be better off just browsing there as it’s not always the cheapest. Once you’ve identified a product there, it’s good to shop around before buying.

Google, As Always, Is Your Friend

Once you’ve found an item or identified a range of items, it’s a good idea to track down individual models via Google. The Google Shopping page is comprehensive in that it checks a lot of sites, even those you might not have heard of. Inserting the model numbers or names of individual products into Google Shopping will give you an amazing amount of choices for buying.

The other great thing about Google’s Shopping area is it aggregates products which are available from multiple sellers for a similar price – letting you use your best judgement on who to order from. It even puts comparisons on screen for you, a powerful tool indeed.

Subscriptions, Rewards and Deals

More often than not there are ways to decrease the cost of buying online via a few easy methods, although some might set you back a subscription fee. Amazon’s Prime service lets you access a lot of digital online video content, plus gives you free delivery on a large proportion of their site.

Seasonal deals from the US such as ‘Black Friday and ‘Cyber Monday’ are also usually found on UK sites too – and of course you’re very likely to find discounts leading up to, or after, Christmas.

But there are other deals to be found too – users can browse coupon sites, do Multi-buys on eBay items, or simply just find the right discounted product at the right time. Try googling the product you’re after with ‘deal’ or ‘offer’ or ‘coupon’ after the product name, it might yield results, but be aware of any potential scams.