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Balance Your Budget By Getting Your Entertainment Online

It’s often the case with youngsters and young adults that funds are tight – so naturally, paying for expensive all-channels TV services and monthly subscriptions often begins to seem like a bit of a stretch if you are looking to balance your budget. So it’s easy to see just why there’s a movement amongst youngsters to forgo more traditional ways of entertainment to save – and it’s something everyone should consider as well.

Unless you’re completely unfamiliar with the world of the internet, you’ll obviously know about streaming services such as Netflix – it’s a video on demand service that offers current, past and brand new original TV shows and movies, and costs a fraction of the price, currently just under £10.

This type of service offers many advantages – straight out of the gate you can say goodbye to paying the costly TV license of £145 (although this means accessing BBC iPlayer is prohibited by law). Second of all, on-demand services mean just that – you don’t have to limit yourself by what program is on when. They don’t even need a TV in most cases, but can be streamed via a tablet, phone or laptop.

Even games consoles are starting to offer video on demand. This type of service offers a unique opportunity to take an entire household’s bills for entertainment all the way down to a broadband fee and a video on demand subscription – with landline phones being replaced by pay-as-you-go mobile phones. Broadband comes in all sorts of speeds, shapes and sizes – with the fastest going for around £40 a month.

Then of course, when you have the fastest internet in the land, there’s plenty more ways to find entertainment online. Amazon Prime Instant Video offers a similar service to Netflix, at a competitive price of £5.99 a month – and is closely bundled with Amazon’s Prime service which also gives you savings on delivery costs.

Of course there’s also downloads and streaming over iTunes – whilst their Apple Music service offers music streaming, iTunes is still mostly a download service as opposed to a streaming one. However, their catalogue is just as packed full of films and shows for all to see, and their download speeds are also fairly high.

How You Can Save By Getting Your Entertainment Online Youtube ImageOn top of these three main outlets, there’s a whole host of completely free content online for entertainment purposes – sites such as YouTube and Twitch (to name a couple) offer loads of absolutely free content which can be viewed by pretty much anyone with an internet connection. It’s almost certainly quite niche content, but a lot of people regularly tune into to these user-generated shows.

So, it appears that going fully online for your TV fix can be pretty cheap. For example, the full Sky TV bundle is £80 every month, whilst for half that price you can simply use the internet and have just as much access to the same content. The only real issue for some is a lack of live sports coverage – but often those who save on TV can afford to visit the pub for the biggest matches.

At any rate, it’s always something to consider if you’re feeling frugal and have just started out. If you’re faced with paying a TV license for the first time, you can always take the option to opt out if you feel like you’re internet savvy enough to survive, and have the ability to hook up a computer to a TV set.