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Avoiding Procrastination for Beginners

In this blog we take a look at ways to help you become more productive and avoid time wasting or procrastination as it’s otherwise called.

Procrastination is a big threat to your productivity – and it’s more than just simple distraction. Anxiety is a big part of procrastination and both can force us to avoid starting or completing tasks we desperately need to complete.

However, planning, changing your work environment, and a bit of honest to goodness courage can all help get you back on track. Getting over procrastination is a case of willpower as much as it is a case of removing distractions from your field of vision.

Setting Targets and Separating Tasks into “Chunks”

Having a plan is one of the proactive steps you can take to avoid procrastinating. The easiest way to start a plan is to tally up everything you have to do and “chunk” these tasks into easily accomplishable tasks you can deal with one by one.

Simplicity is the best way to make your chunks more accomplishable. If you have multiple pieces of work to accomplish, tackle them one at a time. If you’re handling one big task, separate it into things you can do one at a time.

Another way to make your chunks more manageable is to make a small timetable or weekly planner which lets you know the time, date, or day to do the work. This approach means you can stay focused on one bit at a time as opposed to being overwhelmed by the size of your endeavour. This feeling of being overwhelmed causes anxiety, which in turn feeds into procrastination.

Environmental Distractions

Another effect of procrastination is you’ll find yourself much more distracted by your usual ways of wasting time, whether they be on your computer desktop or your real-life desktop.

Sorting out your work space can be immensely helpful to avoid procrastinating. A sparsely decorated desk area can help, but in practice, just make sure that the things you know your eye will wander onto are either out of sight or out of mind.

Your computer desktop can also be difficult to ignore – especially with your favorite video games or websites on hand ready to distract you at any moment. A great method to stay work focused is to re-organise your desktop to be less tempting, or simply use a different account that doesn’t have so much installed on it.

Just Do It

The best solution for procrastination is to take something known as a ‘leap of faith’ – because sometimes the best way to get started is to simply just get started. Open up that work assignment, and start typing, even if it has nothing to do with what you’re supposed to be doing. Just by beginning the task, even if you’re not being 100% serious, means you are at least getting on with your work.

We all suffer in some way from one form of procrastination or another. We hope this little piece helps you to clear your mind and focus on the tasks that matter.