A brief round-up of the year 2015

A Brief Round Up of the Year

It’s been a fantastic year for George Banco and in this post we will do a brief round-up of the year in an effort to share some of those achievements.

2015 has been a better year than the last” is what we have been hearing in general both on the phones and in the office. Although we all face our own individual struggles, it would appear that the nation as a whole is in a slightly better place than we all were 12 months ago.† Let’s hope it continues!

At George Banco we have also had our ups and our downs but focusing on the positives it has been a good year.

Help for Heroes

By the start of 2015 our car finance product was taking off. We had already introduced our financial services to a number of UK car dealerships but we hadn’t really announced it to the rest of the world. In order to remedy this, in February we arranged to hold a track day to raise money for the fantastic charity Help for Heroes and officially launched our new product. We were even lucky enough to have the talented Freddie Hunt, son of 1976 F1 Champion James Hunt come and show us all how it was done. The day was a huge success for everyone involved.† To read more about Help for Heroes please click here.

Credit Today’s Credit Summit 2015

March was the next big newsworthy event when our very own Managing Director Marc Howells was a guest panellist at Credit Today’s Credit Summit 2015 on 27 March at the QEII Centre, Westminster. More than 400 delegates attended the highly regarded event. Again it was a great event and we hope to be involved in future summits.

New George Banco Website Launch

April saw a rather big event in our company’s calendar and that was the launch of our new website. By this point we had already learnt a lot more about what our customers needed and our old platform needed a good refresh. So after a lot of hard work by the various teams, our new platform was launched. This also included the blog you are reading right now.† We hope it remains informative and useful.

Supporting the Africa Trust

In May we were able to get involved with another fantastic charity, the Africa Trust. This was by way of an initiative our office water supply company Aquaid had put to us. We would sponsor the building of an ‘Elephant Pump’, an Elephant pump is a modified version of an age old Chinese rope pulley system that provides a source of clean and fresh drinking water for an entire African village.

We also received a further update about our pump in September with the news that it had been built and was successfully providing a life line for those living in a new community in Manicaland, a north eastern province in Zimbabwe where villagers previously had to walk miles simply to access clean drinking water. To read more about the great work the Africa Trust do then please click here.

Meet the Team

In June we felt it was time that we introduced some of the George Banco team members as they are the ones you will speak to should you apply to George Banco for personal loan. So we spoke to a number of the team and took a little peek into what sort of things they enjoyed doing when they weren’t at work helping customers.† To read more about who you actually speak to if you call George Banco please click here.

New Offices for New People

July featured another staff related event by way of the office growth we were able to announce. Although it had been a challenging year by this point we were at the stage where we needed more space. So we had our offices in Frome extended to accommodate the new team members that were in training to join the team. We really do have a great team who we are very proud of. Even our customers feel the need to point out how good they are in the public reviews left on Trustpilot. To have a read yourself please click here.


Later in July we took a look at one of our business partners, Textlocal and why they are so integral to helping George Banco continue to develop into an effective and streamlined business for our customers from start to finish. Through the use of Textlocal’s fantastic suite of tools, George Banco has been able to increase customer satisfaction levels and we continue to rely on their services to make our customers consistently happy.

The Money Shop

In October we were able to announce the exciting news that we had teamed up with a recognised high street brand The Money Shop. The Money Shop felt that George Banco would be the best fit for their customer’s needs as a specialist provider of guarantor loans. Things have since been going from strength to strength and we look forward to it continuing on in to 2016.

That brings us up to date with the key events of 2015. We look forward to bringing you lots more exciting news in 2016 and wish you all a Happy Xmas and a Fantastic New Year from everyone at George Banco.